No one expects a tragedy to happen in his or her neighborhood. However, being unprepared can make an already terrible situation much, much worse. To prevent your renters from reacting poorly to occurrences that require immediate action, make sure you educate them on the proper ways to deal with natural disasters and potential threats.

Many people are reluctant to call 911 in case they are wrong about it being an emergency; however, calling the emergency line in time can make the difference between life and death. If your neighbors hear a gunshot or suspect that a threat exists in the neighborhood, make sure that your renters notify trained professionals as soon as possible.

Educating Your Renters about Natural Disasters

While earthquakes, fires, and floods are unlikely, they do happen, and being prepared during those situations can make a world of difference. Consider sending out some helpful information about disaster safety in your next newsletter.

In addition, make sure that you are checking the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your rental properties regularly. This will ensure that these systems work properly to alert your renters of a threat in their homes.

As well as giving advice about how to prevent harm to one’s self during earthquakes, fires, and floods, remember to encourage your renters to make a family action plan and meetup site in the event of an emergency. Many accidents occur when a family member believes there is still someone in the house or apartment.

Provide Resources for More Information about Emergency Situations

You are likely not an expert on safety, which is why you might consider providing links and additional resources regarding safety in an emergency to your renters. Here are some helpful resources for you to offer:

Providing your renters with these resources could make all the difference if one of these situations does take place.

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