The real estate market can experience excellent highs and serious lows. For investors, keeping track of market conditions do assist in determining when it is the right time to buy or sell. Rental properties can provide an excellent return on investment, but they do come with a handful of things that can be challenging. From struggling to find tenants, to making sure the tenants pay on time, and dealing with property upkeep and maintenance can all cause stress and frustration for many people. Learning to recognize rental property risks will assist in helping you make the best investments. 

Understand the Market

Buying at the wrong time can easily lead you into a downward financial spiral. Buying when the market is up can make it hard to make money on the rental property. Ideally, buying property when the real estate market is down is the best investment method to chase. Current market conditions in Utah are high, which can make it difficult to find the best rental property investment options without professionals on your side to help.

Vacancy Rates

Just because you have a rental unit doesn’t mean you will always have tenants for it. High vacancy rates make it hard to earn any of your investment back. Finding good tenants can be challenging, which is why many people turn to a property management company to assist in finding qualified tenants. Vacancy and rental rates are one area that be complex as it may be necessary to lower rates to keep tenants.

Vandalism and Burglary

When it comes to investing, it pays to do some research on the area. Many investors scoop up properties in low income neighborhoods as the prices are low. However, can you fix up the property and convince someone to rent in a neighborhood with a high crime rate? It pays to do research and make sure you are posing properties to rent in safe areas. 

Cash Flow Issues

Prior to investing in a property, it is essential to understand your cash flow concerns. How much will you need to bring in for you to make a profit? Include expenses that you might not consider such as utilities, taxes, and ongoing maintenance. Speak with a financial consultant to help you go over your financial situation to see if you can afford to invest in new property. 


The worst scenario for real estate rental investors is foreclosure. Foreclosure is a threat if you do have financial problems, vacancy concerns, and other issues. Foreclosure makes it difficult to recover and come back into real estate investing in the future. 

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