With the arrival of summer come many new questions for landlords. While the change in season seems innocent enough, without proper policies, summer presents more potential issues. Make sure you and your renters have a firm understanding of what should and should not take place on your property.

When reviewing your summer policies, make sure you provide space for tenants to relish in the joys of summer. Provide freedom within reason and avoid nitpicking. Remember that tenants who feel trusted typically rise to the occasion.

Barbeque Grills

Do you have a preference between propane and charcoal grills? Charcoal often stains cement patios and may present an increased fire risk. For these reasons, many landlords choose to limit barbeque grilling to propane grills.


While some types of fireworks remain illegal throughout Utah neighborhoods, it never hurts to have a policy of your own. Make sure your tenants understand if you have a firm stance lighting fireworks—and any other illegal activities—on your property.

Noisy, Late-night Parties

The summer sun sticks around later, and the same often applies to party guests. The city of Orem considers excessive noise past 10:30 p.m. a criminal offense. The change in season provides a great opportunity to remind tenants to keep noise to a minimum.

As you consider these and any other summer activities that concern you, make sure that you maintain communication with your tenants. Remember that any amendment to the lease requires new signatures from all involved parties.

While you must protect your property, keep in mind that summer should be fun. Maintain freedom for your tenants to enjoy all the warm weather offers. No need to micro-manage as long as you feel confident in the security of your investment.

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