Let’s face it: we all love our pets. They make us smile after a bad day at work. They do something picture-worthy basically every second of the day. Though your pet makes you happy, have you stopped to think about whether you make your pet happy?

Caring for Dogs in a Small Apartment

If you are living in a small apartment, your pets, whether they are cats or dogs, might get a bit stir crazy, especially if you have long shifts at work. Keep in mind that your dogs will most often be happiest when they are outside, no matter the weather.

Try not to keep them cooped up for any longer than is absolutely necessary. And, if you can’t make it home, see if your neighbor or roommate would be kind enough to take them out.

Making Your Apartment Feel More Comfortable for Your Cats

Though cats often seem content to sit around all day, many young kittens and cats get tired of that routine day after day. To keep their spirits up, you should get them toys that they can play with when you’re not around and consider investing in something for them to climb and scratch on so they don’t take out their frustrations on your carpet or furniture.

If your cat does start scratching your furniture, don’t immediately try to have them declawed. Declawed cats often develop depression. Instead, place double-sided tape on the places where your cats have been scratching; this will deter them every time they have the urge to pick up their bad habits again. Remember to replace the tape whenever it stops being sticky.

Spend Time with Your Pets

When you come home, don’t forget to give your pets the attention they need. Your pets will often forgive you for the small space they have when they get plenty of attention from you while you’re home. For information about larger pet-friendly apartments in Orem, call Keyrenter Provo today at (801) 614-2000!