Decorating your home is fun. Even subtle changes can make your home feel warm, comfortable and inviting. A pleasant environment can change your attitude and brighten your outlook on life. Careful thought should go into the way you decorate, especially if you are renting.  If you don’t own the property, it’s important that you don’t make any significant changes without permission from your landlord or property manager.  Failure to obtain permission could be a violation of your lease agreement and cost you money. Changing the color of the paint, pulling up carpets to reveal hardwood floors, or hanging wallpaper without prior authorization could result in eviction or forfeiture of your security deposit. Fortunately, there are many subtle changes and damage-free home decor tips that renters can do to improve their living space.

Today’s technological innovations make it easier than ever to decorate without harming any surface in your home. An effective home decor is a highly personal thing that each person may decide for themselves. The right kind of decoration and a little imagination can help translate a boring place into a pleasing space to be. Look online, consult magazines or even an interior decorator for ideas. Proper planning is key. Choose a single item in the room that you like, and decorate around it. For example, your rental home may have a lovely view or beautiful moldings and high ceilings. Add curtains or valances to accentuate the view. Window treatments can also be used to conceal bad views. Your home decor should take those factors into account.

The Walls

One of the most important areas of any home are the walls. Most rental homes are decorated in neutral shades to help show off different types of home furnishings. Be aware of the House Rules. Many landlords, including Keyrenter Provo Property Management,  now have a “No Holes in Walls” policy. It may seem unreasonable, but consider the expense of painting an entire home to cover a few small nail holes. That is exactly what happens each time a tenant moves out. Fortunately, that policy does not have to be a deterrent to hanging family pictures, and other decorative items that will brighten up your space. There are many types of no-hole hanging devices which do not damage wall surfaces. They’re available in most retail department stores. Be careful to check the weight limits before purchasing them

Hanging Pictures

Adding pictures of all kinds is another way to help add lots of personality and style. From personal photographs to paintings to objects that can be framed, pictures can be placed in any part of the apartment and look great. Hanging pictures can be tricky. It’s best to think about the placement of the pictures in advance. A small grouping across a shelf or series of shelves looks charming and helps personalize the space. Pictures can be placed across mantlepiece to help it look even better. A large painting can serve as a focal point in any space while adding color and light. Hanging a series of photographs in the area next to the stairs can also help draw the eye upwards. Today’s technological innovations make it easier than ever to hang things on the walls without leaving a mark. Many new kinds of hangers can accommodate even the heaviest picture and still keep them firm against a wall. If unsure about the rules about hanging pictures, it’s a good to contact management. They can send someone to the apartment to help the tenant determine exactly how best to hang pictures without causing damage.

Wall Coverings

Paint offers the most choices in colors but it can be prohibited. A renter should find out in advance any rules governing painting. Some places provide their tenants with painting in the color of their choice. Other places allow tenants to paint the walls themselves. Anyone who is planning to paint should take care to not drip on the floors, cover cabinets, or electrical faceplates.  Wallpaper comes in many colors and patterns. It’s a great choice for homeowners but a poor choice for rents.  Wallpaper is easy to apply to the walls but it’s difficult and expensive to remove.

The Flooring

Good flooring is useful as it can help reduce noise and feel comfortable underfoot.  Typically wall-to-wall carpet is replaced every seven years by your landlord. If you don’t like the existing carpet, throw down a floor rug on top of it. Make sure it is not made with dyes that can leak onto the carpet beneath it when it gets wet. Water spills or other liquids can create damage that goes unnoticed until move-out, or until you lift the rug,  Rough textures of floor rugs can also cause friction and damage wall-to-wall carpet beneath it. Be sure to use a protective carpet mat below it to protect the surface below.  It can also keep rugs from slipping on tile, hardwood, or laminate floors. Rugs that slide on hard surfaces are a leading cause of falls and can lead to liability issues. Statistics show that most slips and falls occur in the home. /When used properly, a rug makes an excellent choice because they come in all sorts of colors, styles, sizes, and textures. They can be moved around the home, and you can take them with you when you leave.

The Placement of Furniture

The right furniture placement can help any space flow better and feel more comfortable. Feng Shui is a popular concept that can help you decide where to place your furniture. For example, a couch that is placed away from the walls rather than next to it can create a conversation space that encourages better use of the space. Furniture should be scaled to the size of the room. A smaller set of chairs are ideal in a smaller dining room. However, larger pieces can also help add interest to spaces that might otherwise seem drab. Any renter should take care to avoid damage to the flooring. Make sure the furnishings have feet that won’t drag and cause damage. Children’s room also needs special care. A crib should be placed in the center of the room so it isn’t near any heating or cooling elements and the baby remains safe when sleeping. Beds should be placed to allow people to move in and out of the bedroom easily without stumbling in the dark late at night. Careful, advanced planning is necessary in order to achieve the kind of results renters want from their new home.

Professional Staging of Your Home for Sale

Keyrenter Provo Property Management and Marshall Real Estate use a professional staging company to help their clients decorate properties prior to selling them. Sold By Design can maximize your space and make sure you’re getting top dollar when you’re ready to sell your home.