If you want to pitch yourself as the ideal tenant, you’ll need a solid r­­­­­­­ésumé to back you up. Here are some ways to strengthen your application.

Establish Strong References

When you fill out your application, be sure to present professional, well-spoken references. For example, if you are recently moving from a dorm hall to an off-campus apartment, write down your admissions office’s number, not your resident assistant’s. Find people who will offer an honest review of your living experience.

Purchase Renters Insurance

Renters insurance covers everything from your belongings to fire damage; as such, any landlord will view renters insurance as a huge plus. Most plans are incredibly cheap for their amount of coverage, and while a large amount of properties don’t require renters insurance, why sell yourself short? Most insurance agencies also offer discount package deals that can add onto your preexisting insurance, so your monthly cost will be negligible.

Anything that makes you stand out as an applicant will work strongly in your favor, so renters insurance is a no-brainer. Some properties even have a discounted contract with a specific agency—make sure you do your research beforehand—and you can count on bonus points for holding an account with them prior to renting.

Know the Property

The application process is similar to a job interview: your first impression has to be strong, confident, and knowledgeable. To best impress your intermediary, you should acquaint yourself with the property. Most property websites have floor plans and room statistics, so familiarize yourself.

If you can walk into a meeting with a property manager and converse with them about the units, they will be far more impressed than if you haven’t viewed the property at all. If you fail to investigate your prospective property, the landlord may assume that you are mass-applying and become suspicious. Researching is quick, painless, and responsible, so do yourself a favor.

If you’ve established your résumé and you’re ready to submit an application, call Keyrenter Provo at (801) 614-2000 today!