As a renter, it is often difficult to know where your landlord’s responsibilities end and where yours begin when it comes to the care and maintenance of your home. As the seasons change, this question becomes more pressing.

Some winterization is more extensive and should be the responsibility of your landlord. There are other things, however, for which you, as a renter, can take responsibility.

Beware of Drafts

Check around your doorways and windows for drafts. An imperfect seal will not only allow cold air to sneak in but can also allow the air you’ve worked hard to warm up to leak outside.

Once you’ve identified the problem area, there are some easy ways to seal up the area without replacing entire doorways or windowpanes.

• Position a draft snake at the base of doors
• Hang heavy curtains over windows
• Place painter’s tape over window closures
• Roll up towels and place on windowsills

These simple changes will lower your power bill and keep you warm without putting your deposit at risk.

Protect the Pipes

For many renters, this is an easy one to forget. Even apartment pipes can freeze, so the same precautions should be taken for both homes and apartments. If a freeze is expected overnight, leave your sinks on a low drip. This will keep water moving through the pipes and will greatly decrease the likelihood of a frozen or burst pipe.

Check Furnace Filters

During the coldest months, furnace filters may need to be replaced more frequently. Check with your landlord to learn if this is something you are responsible for. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to request replacement or cleaning if you begin to notice significantly less airflow.

By keeping these things in mind, you’re taking steps to keep your home comfortable, well-maintained, and warm. Make sure both you and your landlord communicate and have reasonable expectations. If you’re interested in more simple ways to keep your Orem rental property comfortable, call Keyrenter Property Management in Orem at (801) 614-2000!