It’s hard to furnish your home on a budget. Furniture-specific stores are often outrageously expensive, and their ordering processes can be finicky and unreliable. Excluding items you really shouldn’t skimp on, such as a bed or a dining room table, here are some accessible places to find decent furniture for a reasonable price.

Walmart or Other Department Stores

Walmart is hardly the first place most people would expect to find reliable construction. Surprisingly, however, you can buy pretty solid furniture for a decent price. Basic bookshelves range from $15-$60, depending on their height and build, while an accessorized computer desk will cost you less than $100.

If you can’t (or won’t) shop at Walmart, Fred Meyer has many of the same items, though they will cost you a little more.


Though you lose most of your creative agency by shopping at Goodwill, you can find incredible deals on functional, well-built furniture. Especially if you’re new to an area and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on brand-new stuff, Goodwill provides the opportunity to purchase big-ticket furniture and appliances for next to nothing.

Craigslist or Other Classifieds

It may seem like a regression, but buying used furniture from an informal market will save you tons of money on barely used items. Craigslist features an expansive market for expensive furniture such as couches, desks, recliners, and tables, as well as similarly pricey accessories like bedframes and chairs.

Another great aspect of Craigslist (or other town-specific classifieds) is its conduciveness to socialization. If you are picking up a piece of furniture, you’ll probably need to travel outside of your comfort zone; if you’re in a new area, this will help you acquaint yourself with your surroundings.

Once you’ve made the move, furnishing is the next exciting step. If you’re ready to start the process and find a quality property, call Keyrenter Provo at (801) 614-2000 today!